Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter

Native Intelligence offers easy-to-read security awareness newsletters in secured electronic format (PDF) or in editable Word Document format (.docx).

Feedback from our customers shows that readers have a greater appreciation for security issues. They remember more of the information provided because of our focus on current events and immediately useful security hints.

Layout and Content

These newsletters print well in color and in gray scale. The newsletters contain colorful graphics that relate to the text and use white space to make the text inviting. We don't use endless blocks of fine print text because an unbroken wall of text, even if it's only one page, may intimidate or look boring to readers.

Topics for 2018

  • Monetization of Cybercrime
  • Preventible Errors
  • GDPR  - What's Legal
  • GDPR Subject's Rights
  • Phishing-Smishing
  • Business Traveler Tips
  • What does Google Know About You?
  • New Password Guidelines
  • Home Networking
  • Cyber Security Awareness Month
  • Hacked Computer
  • Business Email Compromise

Previous topics have included: International Travel, Cloud Computing, File Sharing, Using the BCC Field, Identity Theft, Workplace Security, Acceptable Use, Ransomware, Data Breaches, Unwanted Software,
Online Shopping and Holiday Scams, Encryption, Phishing, Preparing for a New Device, Browser Security, How Criminals Use Apps, Spyware, Remote Working, Loss of a Mobile Device, Managing Your Digital Footprint, 
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Insider Threat, Phishing that Exploits Tragedies, Executives - Targeted and Personal, Social Media, Social Engineering, Peer-to-Peer Software, and the Internet of Things.

Branding and Customization

The newsletters can include your logo and contact information.

We can also create a newsletter specific to your industry.

The look-and-feel of the newsletters matches the look-and-feel of our courses and other security awareness products. You can use several of our products to give your awareness program a unified look.


Newsletters cost $200 per issue for the secured PDF version ($2400 per year) and $300 per issue or $3,600 per year for the one-page Word Document version (which you may edit).

Newsletters are licensed for organizations of up to 5,000 people. Please ask about pricing for larger audiences.

Request a Sample

Please call or email us for a sample newsletter to review.

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