We make security awareness programs that are fun and engaging — so your employees enjoy learning, remember key concepts, and are more likely to take action to be secure and prevent loss.  Ask us for a demo of an awareness training course, or request a sample newsletter or poster.

The purpose of security awareness is to prevent loss (e.g., financial, reputation). A security-savvy workforce with good security habits prevents loss:

• The number and severity of security incidents decline

• The risk of lawsuits and fines declines

• Productivity increases (fewer interruptions from loss of availability)

• Public confidence in your organization's ability to protect sensitive customer, partner, and business data increases (safe harbors provide a natural competitive advantage)


We bring creativity to every project to ensure that the materials grab learners' attention. Important awareness messages won’t bounce off your staff, leaving your organization's information assets and reputation at risk.

Clients benefit from our responsiveness, enthusiasm, and dedication to excellence in service.

We have delivered more than one million seats of web-based training and offer complete awareness, training, and motivation programs.

Ask to see our combination of award-winning training material, flexible and scalable content delivery, and engaging motivational products.

Our security awareness products include

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This was quite a wonderful and informative course. I have been through quite a few and this one was the best by far.

- Craig L. 

Excellent and informative course! Thank you for offering it! Keep up the good work!

- Don C.

Well done... Did not take long, was interesting and entertaining. More online courses should follow this template.

- Sara L.

It was fun, fast-paced, user friendly. The course is packed with valuable, "I didn't know that" information.

- Paula N.

The security session was very informative. The examples were real to life and could happen to anyone. Thank you.

- Jill M.

The course was excellent. Good job on selecting material! I learned several things from this course. Thanks!

- Carolyn Y.

The course was actually fun and informative. I enjoyed the facts as well as the cartoons.

- Dean F.

The responses I have been getting from our employees are very positive and I have not heard of anyone who has not enjoyed the course.

- Richard T.