Motivational Items

Motivational Items and Security Reminders

To remind users about security between awareness and training events, we recommend using posters, newsletters, screen savers, tip sheets, check lists, contests, surveys, videos, presentations, desk inspection notices, fortune cookies, promotional and motivational items (trinkets), and rewards.

Here are some examples:

A Stirring Reminder…  

 Motivational beverage stirs with multiple messages security awareness reminders

These security-minded beverage stirs are intended to remind staff to log off before they go out for that refreshing coffee, tea, hot cocoa… or kayaking adventure.  The paddle-shaped stirs are crafted of maple and engraved with designs and messages that will stir the memories of those who may not always remember to log off.  

Motivational beverage stirs with security awareness reminders


Get the Security Party Started

These security awareness cupcake toppers are perfect for rewarding folks for good security deeds, boosting morale, or just getting the security party started. 


Security Awareness Cupcake Toppers


Name Badges for Conferences

We made this magnetic badge (toga fastener) for G. Mark Hardy - who proudly wore it to hacker Jeopardy at Def-Con 2017.

Round engraved conference badge with name and logo.

And here's a magnetic name badge that Security Evangelist Tony Zirnoon wore at Black Hat 2017:

Magnetic name tag badge for security conference.


Loose Clicks Caps

CISO cap with motivational message

Security Awareness Paper Clips 

The photo shows the front and back of the clips.  

Custom paper clips with a security awareness message.

Other memorable motivational items we've created include security awareness-themed memo pads, monitor mirrors, balloons for security awareness events, and "caught coupons" for when you catch your workforce doing the right thing for security. 

Please contact us if you would like to brainstorm ideas for security awareness motivational items.