• Portrait of Niomi Rosenberg.
    Niomi Rosenberg

    Niomi Rosenberg uses design and visual storytelling skills to create amazing SCORM elearning content. She has more than 10 years’ experience in learning and development and has taught youth and adults in person and online. She is passionate about working with customers to create digital learning experiences.

    She’s the force behind the SCORM security awareness courses for all employees in 2016 and 2017. She is currently working on our Security Awareness for IT Professionals course. 

  • Amira Armond
    Amira Armond, CISSP, PMP, MCSE

    Amira Armond has 15 years’ experience managing DoD mission critical networks and Healthcare systems. This was hands-on technical work, sometimes involving chicken sacrifice, all-nighters, and dire threats when a server wouldn’t cooperate. While doing that, she passed a bunch of certification exams (CISSP, PMP, MCSE, SEC+, SERVER+, ISTQB are some) and attended six years of college (BS, MBA). More recently, Amira started her own IT services company ( for more information) and began contributing as an author to Native Intelligence’s security offerings.

  • Portrait of John Ippolito.
    John Ippolito, CISSP, PMP

    John is a Director, consultant, and advisor to Native Intelligence. He assists in activities ranging from content development, to business management advice, to helping directionally-challenged staff find client locations.

    John has received the Federal Information System Security Educators' award and is a primary author of NIST SP 800-16, which is about security awareness, training, and education.

  • Portrait of John Bower.
    John Bower, PhD
    Renaissance Human, Technology Aerialist

    Renaissance John holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in music composition. Active in interdisciplinary fields, his research addresses areas of virtual reality, computational science, and electrical engineering. John is a published author and regularly invited reviewer for several academic journals. An active composer, John's works are nationally performed.

  • Portrait of Charles Filius.
    Charles A. Filius
    Professional Cartoonist

    Charles A. Filius was born in a house he helped his father build in a small town 2,800 miles east of Los Angeles. His career in cartooning began in grade school, which he spent happily filling in all those wasted, empty margins common to all text books and exams of that era.