Security Awareness Posters for TROD 2018

Security Awareness Posters for the Army

The U.S. Army's Redstone Arsenal gave away more than 200 security awareness posters at their recent sixth annual TROD, or Team Redstone OPSEC Day (2018).  Morris Burbank contacted us to ask about supporting the even, which was conceived in 2012 when the National OPSEC was cancelled because of budget constraints. Mr. Burbank and two other OPSEC officers on post got together in February 2013 to generate ideas and in August of that year the inaugural event took place.

We sent about 200 posters to Mr. Burbank for the event. He chose the ones in the photo below from more than 100 designs that we offer online.

Security Awareness posters donated by Native Intelligence, Inc. to Redstone Arsenal's 2018 event.


The first year had attendance of about 175 people and following years saw attendance rise to more than 500. For 2018, about 340 people attended. 

Mr.Burbank shared that "The good part about Team Redstone OPSEC Day (TROD) is that we get valuable feedback real-time from attendees telling us, "Oh, that speaker was so good" and then go on to tell us what they learned from that particular session. That's what keeps us going and doing this every year."

If there is a drawback, he added, it's that the event is not promoted publicly online. In 2017, the DoD OPSEC Program manager from the Pentagon was the keynote speaker. She commended the team for their work and noted that their event is unique to the DA.   Mr. Burbank explained that "Announcements are sent out through the members of the Redstone OPSEC Committee's (ROC) intranet, the Redstone Garrison's SNS's, and it is also sent out from NCMS to all its members for the local FSO's. This event is put on every year with basically no cost to the Dept of the Army. The only cost involved it that the Garrison gives him a small budget of $2500 to purchase awareness products for TROD (inkpens, coasters, etc.), that's it!"

He expressed gratitude to us for sending the awareness posters and a few other motivational items.

Thank you letter for 2018 security awareness poster donation.

It was our pleasure to support your event, Mr. Burbank.  Thank you for sharing the photo and letter and giving us permission to post them in our blog.

We license digital copies of our posters that you can print for your organization.  We'd be happy to customize them for you. While there are only 100 or so posters in our online shop, we have several hundred designs on many topics, so let us know if there's a topic you need but don't see online.  If we don't have a poster that suits your needs, we can probably create one.  We have posters in many styles, created by professional artists, illustrators, and photographers.