We Are 2017 FISSEA Winners!

Unexpected Attachments

This colorful poster shows a Golden Retriever at the beach where he has just received an unexpected message. It’s tempting – the subject line offers free bones, but he’s aware that it could be a phisher’s trick.  Messages that are too good to be true can cause problems for his organization, so he decides not to open the attachment.

The 11 x 17-inch poster is designed to appeal to animal lovers, beach lovers, sunset lovers, and those who are tempted by mysterious messages in bottles or emails that present hard-to-resist offers.  It reminds us to be careful with attachments, especially those that we are not expecting.

The team responsible for this poster: K Rudolph, G. Mark Hardy, Niomi Rosenberg, Andrew Ellis, John Ippolito, Sam Carter.

You can order your own copy! The digital poster is available in our poster shop.

Security Awareness Poster Winner 2017 - a golden retriever on the beach looking at a tempting email message.


A Stirring Reminder… (to log off before you leave for your coffee break)

The winning motivational item – security-minded beverage stirs. These are intended to remind staff to log off before they go out for that refreshing coffee, tea, hot cocoa… or kayaking adventure.  The paddle-shaped stirs are crafted of maple and engraved with designs and messages that will stir the memories of those who may not always remember to log off.


Security awareness beverage stirs, FISSEA contest winner, 2017.

Security awareness beverage stir in use.


Phishing Game - Peer's Choice Winner for Training Scenario

Earn your phishing license by rolling the die to move forward. Correctly answer questions about phishing to keep moving forward.  If you answer incorrectly, you back up 10 spaces.  If you land on a ladder you advance more quickly, while landing on a phish shoots you backward. Reach the red sea star at the end to earn your license.

The game contains 50 questions in scenario, real world story, common phishing ploys, and “fact or fiction” format.

Phishing game screenshot

Phishing game screenshot.

Phishing game screenshot.

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