When Seniors Photobomb

When Seniors Photobomb (Photo Frame)

Friend Frankie Joe goes to the Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention.

In 2018 it was held in Mason City, Iowa, and the theme was Thunder and Fire.

There's an art show at the convention, and Frank commissioned two pieces to enter.

He asked for a fireworks themed photo frame to surround some photos of him, his brother, his sister, and his sister-in-law.

We called the piece, "When Seniors Photobomb."  The frame received a first-place ribbon.

Rocket photo frame with blue ribbon for first place.

The frame is nearly 4 feet in length and comes apart for transport.

The photo below shows how the stick and fuse connect (no magnets needed).

Inside of frame showing how stick and fuse pieces attach.

The front connects to the back with magnets so that the photos can be changed.

The lit fuse is decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Rocket fuse, decorated with crystals.

Here's Frank, holding the frame.

Frank holding rocket frame.

Made some bonus tokens out of alder wood for Frank to give away at the convention.

These are 1.8 inches in diameter.

Tokens to commemorate the 2018 PGI Convention.

Frank also commissioned a stamp with a fireworks background and the PGI logo.

Freedom Stamp - third place winner Pyro Art Show, category: woodwork.

It won a third-place ribbon at the Pyro Art Show.

Freedom stamp with award ribbon.