Baby Blanket for Erasmus

Baby Blanket for Erasmus

Erasmus means "beloved." His parents will most likely call him Raz.

Understanding the impermanence of all things, the Dad-to-be requested a skull on a black background for the baby blanket.

Or, maybe, as Grandma suggested, Mom and Dad are just really into Halloween. (I don't think so.)

Anyway, the blanket is 3 feet across by 4 feet tall. The black fabric is soft and fleecy.

Front of baby blanket for Erasmus

On the reverse side, we added some color with a red satin ribbon and the baby's name.

Back of baby blanket for Erasmus.

We used the laser to cut out the small skull and the baby's name.  

The large skull was cut from vegan ultra-suede by hand (using scissors).

Small skull design for the back of the baby blanket.

To confuse the parents, we wrapped the blanket in a pink and blue floral print bag.

Gift bag for baby blanket.

The gift tag is 5 x 7 inches and was made on a formica sample (eBay) using an Epilog laser.

Gift tag for baby blanket.

The sewing for the blanket and the bag was done by Niomi of Nomi Designs.

The design was done in Adobe Illustrator (not to scale).

Design for baby blanket.