2017 Cyber-Security Awareness Training

2017 Cyber-Security Awareness Training for Users


ransomware is covered in this professionally produced online training course for 2017


Looking for this year's content? 

This course is for regular computer users - no prior knowledge required.

  • Security terms like "PCI" are defined in easy-to-understand language
  • Scenarios and lessons-learned are from the user's viewpoint
  • We focus on things that a user can control, like recognizing improper requests for access.


fun security program for enterprises and CISO make life easy by using our training

Help your personnel recognize and respond to the latest security threats.  And do it in an engaging way with fun and sticky content!

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About this course

  • The 2018 Security Awareness for Users course is 30 minutes long and includes stories and examples about security threats that users face in the real world. 

  • End of chapter quizzes increase learning retention and the final test ensures that your staff understand the key concepts.

  • We can package the course for you to host internally on your SCORM LMS or we can host the course for you.

  • Contact information for your organization's security department is customized.  We can also customize other sections if requested - for example, to add information about specific processes and policies within your organization.

5 reasons we are different

  • Our courses are FUN and ENGAGING!  Seriously, they are!  Request to view a demo if you want to see for yourself.

  • Your users will watch the courses from start to finish.  Because we use fast paced animation and few pauses, students don't have time to get distracted.  

  • Each year, we research industry trends and the latest threats.  This means our courses evolve over time.  We don't endlessly repeat the same information.

  • We will customize our courses for YOUR workplace.  A key part of security awareness is knowing how to get help.  We put specific contact information for your security manager, IT department, or compliance officer into the body of the course. 

  • We are proven educators!  Native Intelligence security awareness materials have received multiple awards from the Federal Information System Security Educators Association (FISSEA), which is organized by NIST.