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HIPAA Awareness Images

The US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 requires health plans and health care providers to use privacy and security policies, procedures, and awareness programs to protect patient information.

HIPAA Images: Part of Your HIPAA Awareness Program

Original artist's sketch for HIPAA posterNative Intelligence artists create original illustrations and cartoon images that start as hand-drawn artwork. This gives natural variations in line width. In contrast, mass market clip art images are often assembled out of shapes and use outlines that are all the same width, giving the illustration a mechanical feel.

Our artists start with a concept for which they draw an original pencil sketch. Next they scan the pencil art and add words in various font styles. Using professional digital art programs, the artists smooth and adjusts the graphic. When an artist is satisfied with the design, the artist adds color and effects and continues to fine tune the image. It can take several days to produce a single image this way. We think it's worth the wait, and we hope that you think so too.

See more original pencil sketches of HIPAA poster designs.

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License a HIPAA Image Package to use on your Intranet and in your in-house publications.

License this set of 12 HIPAA images in gif or png format

Images are provided at 72 dpi screen resolution in gif or png format. Images are sized to be 400 pixels in the largest dimension (height or width). Other sizes and customization for your organization are available as a special order.

All images are marked as and copyrighted to Native Intelligence, Inc. The copyright appears as plain text and not watermarked over the image as shown here.

Images may not be: posted to the Internet, distributed outside of your organization, or resold individually or as a set.

You can license this set of 12 images for $300 for organizations with up to 500 employees. Add $0.10 per employee/viewer for employees beyond the initial 500.

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