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FISSEA 2006 Trinket (Motivational Item) Contest Winner

Security Awareness Memo Pads

security awareness memo pads

"Security by wandering around" allows information security personnel to get a feel for what staff are actually doing when it comes to security behaviors. Some information security officers roam office space at lunch time or after hours to check for security concerns.

Adobe PDF fileDownload a 2-page file for generic "good" and "bad" behavior security memos to reward or remind end users of your organization's specific requirements. These pages are designed to print 4 on a page (4-up). You can put whatever message you'd like on the print outs.

We also offer pre-printed pads that are available individually or in sets of blue and yellow. Use the yellow sheets when you "catch someone doing something right." Use the blue sheets to call attention to security-related behaviors you'd like your staff to improve.

Pre-printed pads contain these messages:

Security Memo
You remembered to log off your computer before leaving. Well done!  
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Next time, log off your computer before leaving.   

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You left your workstation with a "clear desk." Well done! 
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Next time, when leaving your workstation leave a "clear desk."  
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You disposed of confidential information properly. Well done!
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Next time, dispose of confidential information properly.
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You challenged an unknown person in your area. Well done! Next time, challenge an unknown visitor in your area or notify security.
Thanks for reporting a security incident. Well done! Next time, report actual or suspected security incidents.
You verified a person's need-to-know before releasing information. Well done! Next time, verify a person's need-to-know before releasing information.


Best Security Awareness Motivational Item Award - 2006

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